New Products

Our range of latest innovations that cater to ever-growing needs of the industry


Honeycomb Grid
  • Latest Technology in Chemical Filter Media
  • Very Low Pressure Drop; High Energy Saving Potential
  • Available in various specification and sizes
  • Can remove wide spectrum of Impurities
  • ULTRA LOW DUST Carry Over
  • Totally Safe & Non-Toxic Fresh (New) Media
  • Suitable for all types of installations, such as Deep Filtration Beds, Cassette & Canister Module equipment systems
  • Easy to Install & Replace
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Automatic Renewable Media Air Filter
  • Automatic Self Cleaning “Oil Bath” Filter
  • Can Remove Fine Dusts, such as, sand storms, volcanic ash etc.,
  • Suitable for High Dust concentrations in air intake systems of Industries, such as, Metal Smelting, Cement, Mining, paint booth etc.
  • Best Self Cleaning Intake systems for GT, Compressors & Diesel engines.
  • Long Service Life & Easy Maintenance
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Automatic Renewable Media Air Filter
  • Automatic self cleaning air filter
  • High dust removal efficiency and self-cleaning system is accomplished by micro fiber and spatial structure
  • The dusts caught by the media will be collected by automatic cleaning system
  • The waste is dusts only owing to the self-cleaning vacuum for self-renewal
  • Easy maintenance and minimum running-cost achieved
  • Self cleaning is totally automatic
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